40 Powerful Hacking Tools To Become A Powerful Hacker

powerful hacking tools

Here are the next 40 Powerful hacking tools that will make you a powerful hacker.

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Creating packages to exploit Firewall weaknesses


Hping was previously used as a security tool. It is now used as an assembler or command line oriented to the TCP / IP packet analyzer. You can use it for firewall testing, advanced port scanning, network testing using fragmentation, TOS and several other protocols.



It is a powerful and interactive package management program. Scapy has the ability to decode or forge packets from a large number of protocols at a time. One of the best features is that it can confuse the process of decoding and interpretation.

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Netcat is a simple Unix utility. This program has the ability to read and write data through network connections and it does so through UDP or TPC protocol. It was created as a reliable backup tool.



Not all network protocols are powerful. To take advantage of the weakness of some network protocols, Yersinia is created. It is an integral framework that analyzes and tests networks and systems deployed.



It is a useful tool to develop and inject a command line used for network packets. This program works for Unix and Windows operating systems. It is a very suitable tool to test the network, intrusion detection system, IP stacks, firewalls and many others.



It is still a command-line utility. It has the ability to establish two bidirectional byte streams through which it transfers data. In this tool, sequences can be constructed from a large set of different data sinks.

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Packet sniffers to analyze traffic


If you want to put a security system, Wireshark is the indispensable security tool. It monitors each byte of data transferred through the network system. If you are a network administrator or a penetration tester, this tool is indispensable.



Tcpdump is a command line packet analyzer. After completing the designated Tcpdump packet capture task, the report will be launched containing the numbers of the captured packet and packets received by the filter. Users can use flags like -v, -r, and -w to run this package analysis tool.



This is the complete sequel in the middle of the attack. It has the particularity of detecting live connections and filtering content with many other interesting tricks. It offers three interfaces, traditional command line, graphical interface and Ncurses.

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Dsniff is the collection of various tools used for penetration testing and network auditing. Tools like dsniff, msgsnarf, mailsnarf, webspy and urlsnarf passively control a network of interesting data like files, emails, passwords and many others.



EtherApe is a graphic network monitor for PC model UNIX after Etherman. This interactive tool graphically displays network activity. It has the link layer and TCP / IP modes. It supports Token Ring, FDDI, Ethernet, PPP, SLIP, ISDN and other WLAN devices.



This is a Java-based HTTP / HTTPS proxy that helps evaluate the vulnerability of the web application. It supports the visualization and editing of HTTP messages on the fly. It is compatible with Unix and Windows systems. There are other features like client certificate, spiders, proxy chain and many others.

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It is a free web proxy debugging tool that can be used for any browser, platform or system. Key features of this tool include performance testing, HTTP / HTTPS traffic logging, Web session manipulation and security testing.



A passive and semi-automated application that is essentially a security audit tool. It can accurately detect and annotate problems encountered on Web 2.0 platforms.



This tool is the one that demonstrates the HTTPS extraction attack. It has the ability to divert HTTP traffic through the network without problems. It monitors the HTTPS link, then redirects and correlates these links with HTTP or similar homographic links.

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SSL / TLS Security Test by High-Tech Bridge

This free online service performs a detailed security analysis and configuration test of the SSL / TLS implementation on any web server to comply with NIST guidelines and PCI DSS requirements as well as industry best practices.

Debuggers for hacking programs running


GDB is a GNU project debugger. The unique feature of this debugger allows the user to see what happens within a program while running or reviewing a program at the time of the crash.

Immunity Cleaner

Is a powerful debugger for scanning malware. Its unique features include an advanced user interface with a heap analysis tool and graphical function.
Other piracy tools: In addition to the tools mentioned above, there are a lot of hacking tools used by hackers. They do not belong to any particular category, but are very popular among hackers:


This is a featured service network utility. It has the ability to read and write data on all network connections using the TCP / IP protocol. It is a reliable back-end tool that can be handled easily and directly by other scripts and programs.

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This is an IP tracking or tracing tool that shows the path of the Internet packages through which it has passed to reach the specific destination. Identify the IP address of each hop along the way to the destination.


This is the tracking tool that helps the user know the time the data packets have taken to reach the host. This is an online application where you simply place the host name or IP address and retrieve the result.


It is a complete system of search and indexing used for a domain or Internet. Works on Linux and Windows systems. However, it does not replace Internet search systems like Google, Infoseek, AltaVista and Lycos.


It is an open source and free software command line tool that transfers data with the syntax of the URL. It supports HTTP / HTTPS, Gopher, FTP, LDAP, POP3 and many others. It can run under a wide variety of operating systems. The recent stable version is v7.37.1.

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Encryption Tools


TrueCrypt is an open-source encryption tool that can encrypt a partition in the Windows environment (except Windows 8); is equipped to create a virtual encrypted disk in a file. In addition, it has the ability to encrypt the entire storage device. TrueCrypt can run on different operating systems, such as Linux, Microsoft Windows, and OSX. TrueCrypt stores the encryption keys in the computer’s RAM.


OpenSSH is the abbreviated name of Open Secure Shell and is a free software suite used to protect your network connections. It uses the SSH protocol to provide encrypted communication sessions on a computer network. It was originally designed as an alternative to Secure Shell software developed by SSH Communications Security. The tool was designed as part of the OpenBSD project.


It is an open source encryption tool available on UNIX and Windows operating systems. It is a free implementation of SSH (Secure Shell) and Telnet for Windows and UNIX. The beauty of this tool is that it supports many network protocols such as telnet, SCP, rlogin, SSH and plain socket connection. The word PuTTY has no special meaning, but as in the UNIX tradition, tty is a terminal name.

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OpenSSL is an open-source encryption tool that implements TLS and SSL protocols. The main OpenSSL library is written in the C programming language. The basic cryptographic functions are implemented by it. OpenSSL versions are available for operating systems such as UNIX, Solaris, Linux and Mac OS X. The project began in 1988 with the aim of inventing free encryption tools for programs used on the Internet.


Tor is a free encryption tool and has the ability to provide online anonymity as well as resistance to censorship. The internal traffic is executed by a free network that consists of more than five thousand relays so that the reallocation of the user can be hidden. It is difficult to follow Internet activities, such as visiting websites and instant messages; the most important objective of this tool is to guarantee the privacy of users.


It is an open source tool for deploying virtual private network techniques so that secure site-to-site or point-to-point connections are possible through routers or bridges. Remote access is also possible. OpenVPN offers users a secure authentication process using pre-shared secret keys.

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Stunnel is an open source cross-platform tool that is used to ensure that clients and servers get secure encrypted connections. This encryption software can run on various operating system platforms such as Windows and on all operating systems that are UNIX. Stunnel relies on a separate library as SSLeay or OpenSSL to implement protocols (SSL or TLS)


KeePass is an open source free password management tool for Microsoft Windows, as well as unofficial ports for operating systems such as iOS, Linux, Android, Mac OS X and Windows Phone. KeePass stores all usernames, passwords and all other fields in a secure and encrypted database. This database, in turn, is protected by a single password.

Vulnerability exploit tool piracy


Metasploit was launched in 2004 and was an instant success in the world of computer security. Metasploit provides data on security system vulnerabilities and also facilitates penetration testing.

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It is a penetration testing tool available in open source. Its purpose is to automate the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection failures and to support database servers.


The main purpose of this tool is to access a vulnerable database server; It is used for pen testing so that the control procedure of a database server can be automated when the vulnerability of an SQL injection has been followed.

Social Engineering Toolkit

This toolbox, also known as SET, was designed by TrustedSec. The tool is open source and is controlled by Python. It is used to perform penetration tests around the social engineer.


It is a web-based security scanner that has an operating engine to confirm security flaws and allows the user to concentrate on removing security threats with their free Fake Positive function.

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BeEF is the short-term term for the browser’s operating framework. It is a penetration-testing tool that focuses on a web browser and, therefore, reaches the actual security position of the target environment.


Dradis means Direction and Distance. It is an open source vulnerability scanner or an application that allows an efficient exchange of information, especially when evaluating the security of the system in a central repository.

Vulnerability Scanners


Nessus is the most popular vulnerable scanner in the world on the list for the years 2000, 2003 and the 2006 survey on security tools. It is a free vulnerability scanner for personal use in a non-commercial environment.


This scanner is considered by many as the most advanced vulnerability scanner in the world and a powerful and comprehensive tool for vulnerability analysis and management solutions. It is free software and is maintained daily.

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It is an analyzer for network infrastructure and its complete form is Network Infrastructure Parser. This open source scanner helps you control, configure, and manage devices for the network infrastructure, as well as manage computer networks.

Secunia PSI

It is free computer security software that scans software on a computer system. It tracks non-Microsoft third-party programs that require security updates to protect your computer from hackers and cybercriminals.


Retina, with more than 10,000 implementations, is one of the most sophisticated vulnerability scanners on the market. It facilitates effective identification of IT vulnerability and is also available as a stand-alone application. It basically identifies weaknesses in configuration and missing patches.


It is a vulnerability management scanner that provides solutions for vulnerability management through web-based applications. Designed by Qualys Inc., it is available upon request. Helps users analyze their vulnerability.


Vulnerability management is one of the best security practices to protect your system or network against security threats. Nexpose is a vulnerability scanner that performs various types of vulnerability checks in case of a security risk.

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Web Vulnerability Scanners

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a tool for testing web application security. It has a collection of tools that work together and drive the entire testing process with the aim of finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities.


It is a test tool for web security applications. It was written in Java and, therefore, is independent of the operating system. It acts as a proxy and allows users to modify web queries by web browsers and web server responses. Webscarab often logs traffic for a more thorough review.


Website security is a crucial factor for both personal and organizational websites. The main objective should be to detect the vulnerability of your website before an intruder detects it. Websecurify is a testing tool for website security and can be used to detect the vulnerability of your websites.

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It is a scanner for web servers and is available in open source. It performs detailed testing for multiple elements on web servers, including testing over 6700 files or programs that can be dangerous. Also, test specific problems with the web server versions.


This tool exposes more than 200 potential vulnerabilities and, therefore, minimizes security threats on your websites. It is written in the programming language Python. W3af has both the user interface of the console and the graphical user interface.


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