Aspire – A Word that Created Us

aspire world imaginations

If I describe aspire world imaginations then it will take my whole life. Because it’s just not a simple word it’s a heartbeat for thousands of people. It’s just not transforming lives its Creating lives.

Aspire world imaginations is life actually more than that. Aspire is a revolution for youth to know their skills and polish them.

It is a platform where you know yourself, create yourself, grow big, do something different.

The man behind aspire world imaginations is MR. MAYANK THAKUR




MAYANK THAKUR the word itself shows the AURA, POWER, and CLASS.

This man created aspire world imaginations means created all of us. He saw many ups and down in his life but never quit. He worked day and night to help his family. But he was not made for doing ordinary things like doing jobs. Then he created aspire world imaginations means Created us. Sir you are very down to earth. Everytime when my motivation level goes down i think about sir. You are such a motivational speaker that even if you motivate a dead man, He will be alive. You have that much kind of AURA sir.






aspire world imaginations aims to provide all tools to host a website in more than 200 countries and become an international blogger and also provides all important training related to that. The company is also helping Indian Government in Make In India, Digital India, Skill India i.e. promoting them.


This company wants IT Revolution in India. For this company is providing youth a platform in the field of IT(Information Technology) and HR(Human Resource). To enhance their skills and grow big.





To aware the Youth from the power of the internet. That how big we can do from the we can become big from the internet.




My Journey when I Joint aspire world imaginations

4th June 2016 this date is my birth date. on this day i was reborn. I was invited by my Tuition friend. He said bro tomorrow is educational seminar so you have to come its a LIFE CHANGING Concept. He is my good friend so i trusted him and went for seminar. And yes it was a Life Changing Concept. and that day changed my whole life. I was thinking what shitty things i was doing my whole life but i also Thanked God and also thanked my friend. Then I took my life’s best decision and I joint Aspire.

After I joined the concept I have got that much Respect I have not got in my whole life. I want to thank some special faces-


Sir, you are my role model, with your continuous efforts ASPIRE SOCIETY is on heights sir and we are here and proving ourself. Sir, I want to become like you, sir. Bless me, sir.



2. Nitin Sir

Sir, i have not met you much but sir you are the strongest pillar of Aspire. You bind Aspire. With your efforts sir, you are taking the company to new heights. I am blessed that I am working with you.


3. Darpan sir

Sir, you are my favorite sir. What a great personalty you are sir. in the age of 19 you are managing company very well. Sir, you are such motivating personality. Whenever I feel demotivated I just talk to you and you make me motivated and strong. You expanded my vision. You are helping me to polish my skills.

Darpan Tikeya Sir 20160823_002358

4. Ritik Sir

Sir, you are very friendly, very frank, always ready to help. You are our IT mentor. you have done an internship in IIT Delhi in your first year of B.Com. You always support like a big brother.


5. Srishti Mam

Mam, you are wonderful. You help us like a mother. You are an Icon for many girls. I have done many mistakes till now but you were always there to support me. LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH MAM.


6. Mayank Gupta sir

Sir, you are very frank. We talk, we work, we party together. You are like my sibling. I share all my secrets to you and you give very nice suggestions on that.

Mayank Gupta Sir 20160823_001244


I am very lucky that in this system. This is my new family. Without them i would be nothing. They made me a Gentleman. Without them i can not imagine my life. I am working day and night to stand on their hopes. Thanks GOD for giving me this Opportunity.



    • Thanks for another informative website. Where else could I get that type of info written in such an ideal way? I’ve a project that I’m just now working on, and I’ve been on the look out for such in amorftion.

    • I think this is a wonderful idea, it is really amazing how God changes something inside of you through your trials. I know that God has made me a better person through my personal trials, and I know that God will bless you and your work. I will continue to pray for you as you travel down this new path that has been provided. Exciting Stay strong with the knowledge of God, live deep in the light of His love, God bless you.

  1. Great article Mr. Angad , a great organisation with an even greater objective.
    You create a change you want to see in the society ! All the very best in the journey that lies ahead ☺?

  2. Awesome n impressive post created……..
    By u angad :* :*
    N all d best for ur further journey….. 🙂 🙂

  3. Love to see us happy and growing ?
    All we have ever wanted and will ever want is right here.
    Nicely expressed. 🙂


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